The first step in starting a Nest is to form a Proto-Nest. The requirements are a name for the Proto-Nest, contact information for the Proto-Nest coordinator and the names and email addresses of three paid members of CAW (inclusive of the coordinator) who wish to be part of the Proto-Nest.

An application fee of $50.00 is required. This fee will be refunded if for any reason your application for a Proto-Nest is declined.

Granting of a Charter to a Proto-Nest is by application to and approval of the Nest Coordinating Council. A Proto-Nest will be on probation for one year and one day, at which point the Nest Coordinating Council will review the activities of the Proto-Nest and make the determination on the issuance of a Nest Charter.

When you have gathered the necessary information, you may proceed with completion of the Proto-Nest Application by clicking the button below.

At least three active, registered CAW members meeting at least once a month are required to start a Proto-Nest. After a Proto-Nest has been in operation for a full year and has one Scion member (4th Circle or inward), it may be chartered as a full CAW Nest and be covered under our 501(c)3 non-profit status as a full congregation.

The Church of All Worlds exists as a web of Nests and Proto-Nests; these groups are the basic congregation of CAW.

They are generally small and more intimate groups (as compared to a Branch which may be comprised of several Nests as well as unaffiliated members). CAW does not dictate the form or beliefs of a Nest; each Nest is essentially autonomous, setting their own rules, internal structure, goals, etc. They can be a closed coven or open grove, have a traditional focus or a more eclectic one, concentrate on Druidism, faery magick, ceremonial magick, or ecological activism, etc. While there are certain values and rituals such as water sharing that are common to CAW as a whole, there is no specific dogma that a Nest must follow.

The current Nests and Proto-Nests are listed below by region. All Nests invite contact and participation from local Pagans. If you are within driving distance from any of these locations, please contact them and ask for information about activities.

The current interim nesting coordinator is Maureen Long. Contact her with nesting questions at

More information may be found at: