Mama Maureen


Mama Maureen (August 28, 1952 – )

Role(s): CAW Administrator – Board of Directors – Treasurer, Chief Web Spinner, Membership Coordinator, CAW Clergy

Maureen (real name Rev. Judith Barnett) has been actively involved with CAW for over two decades.  Her primary tasks are to keep CAW in compliance with all laws, balance the books, insure the bills get paid, and that all Church functions are conducted in legal and ethical ways.

In her day job, she is CEO of Vyndyco Corporation, a firm on the cutting edge of technology that was founded in 1982.

She is a Pagan Hippie Wildchild, Triple Virgo, Southern Belle solidly in Cronehood, her personality a cross between Molly Millions and Dolly Parton.

Reiki Master, Minister, Theologian, Seer, Weaver of Webs.

Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Friend. Poet, Musician, Songwriter, Author.