Scion Council 2nd RING – Circle 4 – 6

The Scion Council is the central advisory body within CAW, and Scions provide much of the day-to-day leadership of CAW. Scions are responsible for providing congregational leadership, and act as ombudsmen to the general membership. The Scion Council provides peer review, support and networking to Scions and works to facilitate quality control of Scion involvement at the Nest and organizational levels. Scions organize and provide leadership for Nests, Branches and Regional Councils, and provide mentorship to members of the Curia wishing to accept positions of leadership. Scions are the body and backbone of CAW.

More information on the role of Scions in our organization and on how to become a Scion can be found in Canon VIII: Scions of our Canon Law, and in the RINGs document: The CAW III RINGs Cycle, which outlines our program of progress involvement and growth.

Initiation as a Scion in CAW requires ongoing participation and service to be considered “Active.”  Scions who are no longer participating in the active life of the Church are considered “Inactive.”