Seekers 1st RING (Circles 1-3)

The Seekers’ RING is comprised of the 3 outer Circles of CAW, those members with the least amount of training within or connection to our organization. Progression through CAW’s RINGs system is entirely voluntary, and some members choose to associate with CAW at the 1st or 2nd Circle for the entire length of their association with CAW. Within CAW, even those who do not choose paid membership may be counted as members in our Curia, and are considered members at the 1st Circle.

Members who choose to support the Church by becoming paid members, but who do not choose further training or deeper association within CAW participate at the 2nd Circle, while members who have associated with us enough to know that they wish to choose a deeper level of participation and training may choose to proceed to the 3rd Circle, which requires a bit of study, and an introductory essay and application. Seekers do not have their own formal council, because as a group they have no formal work to perform within the Church, beyond tending to their own growth and getting to know CAW and connect to the CAW tribe, but every Member, no matter which Circle, is a member of the CAW Curia.