Peter Brabyn

Peter Brabyn (1967- )

Rev. Peter Brabyn

Role(s): Church of All Worlds Australia Inc., Priest, Treasurer, Past Secretary, Social Media Moderator, Web Wizard, Event Organiser, Scholars Guild.

Peter lives in Queensland, Australia. He holds two academic degrees in education and holds several lesser qualifications. He is the head of his department teaching electronics to future electronics technicians and designers. He is the founding minister of the first Interfaith Church in Australia, an adult educator, a parent of an adult son (recently escaped from L.A.), ex-military, Australian, and more.

Born to non-practicing Christians of different denominations, Peter could not find a religion that ‘fit’ for many years. In his 20’s he began ‘seeking God’ but was dissatisfied with what organised religion had to offer. His first memory of ‘doing magic’ was related to a primary school romance.

Peter describes himself as an autodidactic polymath. He is often studying informally across a wide range of subjects including physics, chemistry, theology, neuroplasticity, quantum entanglement, psychology, mathemagics, engineering, philosophy, history, and mythology. He holds qualifications in almost none of these.

He has journeyed through and studied many beliefs from the ancient to the modern. This has provided him with an in-depth understanding of human belief and a substantial understanding of many specific belief systems. Despite this journey he feels he cannot adequately define the thing that many people call God however his belief in the divine source they are relating to is unwavering. Peter’s journey through earth-based beliefs has seen him become an active member several Pagan, and interfaith groups. He continues to be actively involved with Church of All Worlds Australia.

In 2005 Peter had a divine revelation and felt called to serve deity. Even with what he believes to be direct contact with ‘God’ he still feels he cannot define who or what deity is. In 2007 Peter co‑founded what would become the Interfaith Church of Australia.

Peter considers himself agnostic. While his specific beliefs are monotheistic, he has used many deities as a focus to the source. He also considers himself a panentheist and a pluralist; however, his personal belief is always open to refinement through experiential understanding.

Peter joined the Church of All Worlds Australia in 2009, was ordained in 2017, joined the Australian National Management Council in 2015, and the Board of Directors in 2020.

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