Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Church of All Worlds Board of Directors conducts all mundane business of the Church. Directors may be nominated by any member of the Curia, and are elected by the Board to two year terms on even years.

The current Board of Directors of the Church of All Worlds as of May 1, 2020

Seat or Office Director Circle

Other Roles: Co-Founder, Primate, Council of Elders, High Priest, President of: ERA, H.O.M.E., Nemeton

Oberon Zell 9th
Vice President

Other Roles: CAW Moderators’ Team, CAW Tech Team

Mike Greenman 2nd

Other Roles: CAW Priest, CAW Minister

Tim Emert 7th

Other Roles: CAW Minister, Chief Web Spinner, Membership Coordinator, Interim Nesting Coordinator

Mama Maureen 4th
Member At Large -Clergy

Other Roles: Primate Elect, Minister, Lifeways/Rings Advisor

Rev. Dr. Luke Moonoak 6th
Member At Large – Annwfn

Other Roles: Annwfn Caretaker

Diana Morningstar 3rd
Member At Large

Other Roles: CAW Tech Team

Grey Sage
Member At Large – Clergy

Other Roles: CAW Tech Team

C.A.W. Australia: Clergy / Treasurer/ Secretary / Web Wizard / Moderator / Scholar’s Guild / Fixer of broken things

Peter Brabyn 6th
Member At Large Open