Church of All Worlds Clergy


Clergy Application

List of Members of the Priesthood

List of Ministers


The Work of a CAW Priest or Priestess

An active Priest or Priestess of the Church of All Worlds is expected to…

A. Be an active religious and spiritual leader for a CAW congregation, which may include:

  1. Mentoring Nests and other CAW members;
  2. Understanding and practicing Clergy Confidentiality;
  3. Training apprentices to become future Clergy of CAW;
  4. Designing/scripting/leading CAW rituals large and small;
  5. Channeling and aspecting Divinity in rituals and Mysteries;
  6. Facilitating and being an active member of a Nest or Branch;
  7. Teaching classes and/or workshops for CAW members and others;
  8. Planning/facilitating/sponsoring CAW festivals or other major events;
  9. Mediating disputes according to the “CAW Guidelines for Conflict Resolution”
  10. Providing wise Pastoral Counseling (sex, relationships, abuse, grief, divination, etc.);
  11. Performing rites of passage, initiations, and other personal rituals for CAW members and others.

B. Be an active, participating member of the Clergy Council, which may include:

  1. Participating in Clergy visioning;
  2. Participating in on-line communications;
  3. Attending regional and national meetings;
  4. Maintaining contact with fellow Clergy members;
  5. Helping to draft official position statements based on CAW precepts.
  6. Contributing to the CAW Membership Handbook, Clergy Handbook, HOME Cooking, etc.

C. Be a leader in the national CAW organization; disseminate the CAW Vision to all. This may include:

  1. Writing for CAW blogs & publications;
  2. Serving on an active CAW Council or Committee;
  3. Participating on one or more e-lists and/or FaceBook;
  4. Giving interviews on CAW and Paganism to various media;
  5. Serving on the CAW Board of Directors or National Management Council;
  6. Representing CAW as an ambassador at interfaith conferences and Pagan events;
  7. Understanding and articulating CAW philosophy, theology, precepts and Vision to others.