Weald Workers of Lamar County

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Weald Workers is a Texas registered non-profit organization for the purpose of maintaining pollution-free environments through land management, litter control, recycling efforts and improvements, landfill reduction, and education thereof.

Weald Workers is a nature service for Gaia’s protection, defense, and cleanliness; an environmental activist service project for pollution-free environments. We are not online post complainers. We are boots in the brush doers. We target, not only the Trail de Paris / Northeast Texas Trail, but all outdoor recreation areas in Paris and across Lamar County including city and state park nature trails, lake areas, and county roads. This effort is local for the moment, but we envision a broader reach in the future.

Mankind is to be stewards of Mother Earth, not destroyers of it. Our nature-based spiritual faiths call us to remember the relationship between human-nature interconnectedness. Through the honor of the gods, by the Spirits of the Earth, sea, and sky, we work to return to that harmony.

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