Crow’s Nest – CAW Global Cybernest in Second Life

Established December, 2018

Nest Coordinators:
Bran th’ Blessed
Contact nesting coordinator for Crow’s Nest

Crow’s Nest is open to any paid member of Church of All Worlds and is accessible from any location that can access Second Life. (

The name of Crow’s Nest was chosen from the title of Ben’s newspaper column in Stranger in a Strange Land by Bran th’ Blessed.

Note: If you are not a member of Second Life, you will be prompted to join and download the Second Life viewer. Both are free. A premium plan is offered but it is not necessary to participate in the Nest. If you have problems joining, email [email protected].

Info on CAW virtual environments

Any CAW nests in the online world of Second Life or other virtual environment must be placed on land owned by CAW, and approved by the CAW Nesting Committee.

CyberNests must follow the rules governing all CAW digital properties:
1. A member of the CAW staff must have administrative access so that information on the property can be vetted and corrected if necessary.
2. 1. A member of the CAW staff must have administrative access to the digital property to remove members of the Nest at the request of the CAW Board of Directors or a Board committee.
3. The CAW tech team must be granted the ability to maintain the security and access to the property.

Granting of a Charter to a Proto-Nest is by application to and approval of the Nest Coordinating Council. A Proto-Nest will be on probation for one year and one day, at which point the Nest Coordinating Council will review the activities of the Proto-Nest and make the determination on the issuance of a Nest Charter.