CAW Misconduct Committee

Church of All Worlds (CAW) Misconduct Committee (MCC)

Misconduct Committee exists to investigate and make recommendations to the CAW Board of Directors (BoD) regarding any individuals causing harm within the CAW community or Church. These include, but are not limited to: sexual misconduct, harassment, bullying, coercion, severe breaches of ethics, or any behavior that impactfully inhibits the safety and health of the Church of All Worlds, its community and the people in it.

CAW Code of Behavior

The Misconduct Committee is empowered to:
Investigate credible complaints from or about CAW members. This includes gathering evidence from as many sources as possible such as witness statements and interviews with all parties involved. (Every aspect of an investigation will be kept confidential.)

Misconduct Reporting Form

Temporarily suspend community members and Clergy from attending CAW events in person and online while investigation is ongoing. Temporarily suspend Clergy from their clergy credentials or pathways and rings advancement until the investigation is concluded.

(This is to keep everyone safe and prevent escalation)

Make a final determination report to the CAW BoD complete with the MCC’s recommendations for the reported person/s and the situation as a whole. The CAW Board of Directors will then make the final decisions on the matter and take any actions necessary.

Misconduct Investigation Process

The Misconduct Committee is NOT empowered to:

  • Reveal confidential information about an investigation
  • Operate unilaterally without BoD supervision
  • Suspend or “oust” people from the Church or the Community