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The RINGs is an initiatory path leading ever inward, towards the consciousness of the Goddess/God Within, with a threefold purpose of a) self actualization, b) connection / tribal involvement and c) service. These circles move inward, rather than upward, and members who have advanced through the program are considered to have moved deeper into CAW, with those having advanced farthest being at the center of the Dearinth. Members of the Tribe choose as individuals how far inward to progress.

Leadership positions in CAW are appointed first from those who have moved deepest into the RINGs, and service is required to move deeper into the RINGs, thus our leadership is selected from those who have demonstrated work towards personal growth, who are most connected with our tribe, and who have shown their commitment to the Mission and the Tribe through service.

The structure of the CAW Tribe therefore is intrinsically interwoven into both the Ecclesiastical Web and the Operational Web. Curia is our term for the Council of the Whole which is comprised of all members, 1st Circle (unpaid associated members) and inward. In CAW, leadership falls to those with the most experience, growth and connection to our tribe, but everyone, even the newest of members has a voice in our Curia.

The CAW three RINGs of the CAW tribe, moving from the outermost to the innermost are:

   Seekers 1st RING (Circles 1-3)
   Scion Council 2nd RING – Circle 4 - 6
   Beacon Council 3rd RING (Circle 7-9)
   RINGs Circle Status

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