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Role(s): Priestess in Training, Minister, Board Member

Wynter Rose is a Member at Large, who is working with Mama Maureen, Oberon Zell and the current CAW Clergy to update the structure of the Church and revive its connection to the larger community, as well as its sacred land Annwfn.

Wynter Rose believes that working together we can all co-create a vision of the Church that we can all uphold. This vision includes, but is not limited to, honor, integrity, deep lore, great magics, accountability, hard work, an appreciation format, and community support structure.

Wynter Rose knows the work she does will go to further a greater purpose to help future generations explore their faith in a safe and magical setting.

Wynter Rose spent 15+ years studying with Morning Glory Zell and continues to work with Oberon Zell. She is considered Morning Glory’s Protege. She has many years experience working with non-profit organizations and volunteering her time to create rituals and coordinate

Recently, she’s been working with Mama Maureen and Oberon to start publishing issues of the Scarlet Flame as well as working on creating classes that associate with the Rings
progression within the CAW.

Spending the last 10+ years working as an Executive Administrative Assistant in the financial district has prepared her and enabled her to bring
professionalism to her Priestess and Volunteer work.
Wynter Rose also holds Board positions on the Grey School of Wizardry BoD, and her child’s Nursery School BoD.

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