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Tom Williams

Tom Williams (Oct. 9, 1946 - )

Role(s): Priest (retired)

Tom Williams joined the Church of All Worlds in 1968 and soon became an ordained priest. He worked with Tim (Oberon) Zell building the membership of CAW in St Louis, broadening the contacts and context of CAW within the Wiccan/Pagan community. Oberon and Tom were central in opening a Pagan Temple in St. Louis and cooperated with many other Pagan and ecologically-oriented groups and movements.   

 As CAW grew in St. Louis, it strengthened its context and influence in the Pagan community with the development of Green Egg magazine as a major Pagan publication. When Oberon and Morning Glory prepared to move to the West Coast, Tom took over as editor of Green Egg, continuing its growth for a year after they had left St Louis. Then Tom also relocated to California where he actively participated in the revival of CAW and the resurrection of Green Egg. He was on the great Mermaid-hunting expedition to New Guinea in 1985.     

After almost 30 years of activity as a CAW priest, Tom retired from clergy work to devote himself to his rural homestead in Santa Cruz County where he now raises alpacas and spends his time with his shrunken head collection and his memories.     [-TW]

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