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2013 Samhain

November 8th - 11th
The High Magick Ritual will be on Sunday. We are hoping folks can stay through Sunday night as Monday is Veteran's Day.

LOCATION: Annwfn Sacred Sanctuary
Near Ukiah, CA
SAMHAIN ~ All Hallow’s ~ The Lord’s Descent

(One of our countries oldest Pagan Sanctuaries & Sacred Lands.
Located just 2 ½ hours North of San Francisco.
Are you ready to face the long dark nights of Winter?
Are you prepared to face your Ancestors, heal them, listen to them, or guide them?
Do you know what you need to sacrifice, learn, release, or reclaim as you look within?
Don't do it alone! ! !
Come join with community and friends as we prepare to step into the darker half of the year together.

WHEN: We are observing Samhain and THE LORD’S DESCENT
Veteran’s Weekend Nov. 8-11
Come for part or ALL of the weekend. High Magick Ritual on Sunday November 11th

Camp Out
Potluck Feasts
Pumpkin Carving
Sacred Ceremonies
Workshops & Trainings
Fire Spinning Performances
Main Ritual, when the Lord ventures to the Underworld, will occur Sunday night.

Queen Michelle
King Zack
Oberon Zell
Morning Glory Zell
Francesca Gentille
Tim Emert

Additional clergy may be added. If you called to participate email:

SEEKING: We are looking for people to lead activities, discussions, workshops, classes, ceremonies during the weekend on the theme of Journeys to the Underworld, the Dark Time, Inner Landscapes, the Great Below, Ancestor Healing, Divination, Pumpkin Carving, etc. Pumpkin carving?

TO VOLUNTEER TO HELP (Set up, clean up, food, etc) PRIEST/ESS OR to TEACH:
Email Michelle at

SUGGESTED DONATION: This is fundraiser to protect & upkeep this sanctuary.
Friday - Sunday nights: Sliding Scale $120 - $80
Saturday & Sunday nights: Sliding Scale $80 - $60
Sunday Night only: $60 - $40

LOCATION: Annwfn Sacred Sanctuary
Near Ukiah, CA
This is a camping event. Some indoor space available if pre-arranged.
Priority given to elderly and differently abled.

ADDRESS DIRECTIONS & GATE CODE: Given upon registration

Submit your donation below then email Let her know arrival & departure times.

Wait for your Confirmation Welcome Packet with What to Bring and Directions. If you don’t receive it in 3 days, email
This is a camping event. Some indoor space available if pre-arranged. Priority given to elderly and differently abled.

This is a fundraising event for Annwfn Sacred Sanctuary.
Suggested Donation per person $40 - $120
Donations may be made through PayPal by clicking the button below.



THIS IS A High Magical Protocol, polite, gracious, mannerly & conscious event.  

This is a HIGH MAGICK weekend. What this means is:

  • we need & will be holding a powerful container - that is distinct & separate from day-to-day use, hanging out, partying, relaxing or casual conversations.
  • we will be looking at death, loss, ancestors, generational healing, new life,  shadow/mirror issues, and sacred sacrifice


  • INVITING FRIENDS TO CEREMONY: If you INVITE FRIENDS, let them know that there is a suggested donation AS these events are fundraisers for Annwfn. (NOTE: If we don't get money coming in we could lose the land!)
  • The GOAT LODGE & TEMPLE are to be used solely for those who are participating in the SACRED events.
  • ALCOHOL & DRUGS: These events are meant to be healing, transformational, and conscious in their use of any substances. Please do NOT offer ceremonial celebrants who are attending any alternative substances UNLESS you have been requested to do so as part of ceremony. Ritual Space is meant to be conscious & sober UNLESS that is specifically invited & blessed into part of the ceremony. Exemption: Elders who are legally needing to use substances for medical reasons.
  • PLAY NICE: During the Sacred Ceremony weekends, please work together with kindness. Put your personal issues aside for a few days. Be nice. Treat ceremonial celebrants with graciousness. Do NOT gossip nor focus on the negative. Ceremony weekends are a time to build and manifest a better world.

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