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Rev. Luke Moonoak

Rev. Luke Moonoak

Rev. Luke Moonoak (3/18/1960-)          

Role(s): Primate Elect, Minister, Member-at-Large, LIfeways advisor.

           Rev. Luke was born on March 18, 1960 in Miami, Florida and is very much a Pisces.  He grew up in a conservative Pentecostal household, but at about age 13 began questioning whether his parents’ religious path was right for him.  By 16 he had decided it was not and embarked on a journey of spiritual experience that continues to this day.

            Having graduated from Miami Springs Senior High in 1978, he immediately signed up at Miami-Dade College as an English major.  He received his first degree, an AA, in 1980.  During his final few semesters there, he met Ducie Corrales, a Cuban, and they were married in November of that year.  They are close friends to this day.

            In 1983, Luke moved to Gainesville to begin studies at the University of Florida.  One night as he was walking in student housing where they lived, he glanced up at a floodlight, and at that moment he realized he had to switch his major to Religion.  He had literally seen the light.

            In 1984, his first son, Arian, was born, and in 1987, his second, Tammen, both with midwives.  By the late 1980s he was searching for a way to combine his dual interests in religion and environmentalism.  In 1990, he graduated from UF with a BA in Religion, and not long after a friend, knowing his interests, handed him a copy of Green Egg.  Even before he opened it, he knew by the cover that he’d found his spiritual home.  He joined in 1991 and began moving through the RINGS. 

            After divorcing in that same year and getting a librarian job at the public library—which he was to have for 8 years—he spent the decade working, raising his beautiful kids, and developing his passion for NeoPaganism.  Part of this last effort involved attending at least two Pagan gatherings a year, mostly the Phoenix Phyre gatherings in central Florida, where he lead the Bardic Circles.  However, his first, in 1993, was the (in)famous Gathering of the Floods in north Georgia where he was Scionized by Oberon and Morning Glory (the next evening after the ceremony, and as a result of 6 hours heavy rain, a flash flood devastated the site).  He also served as Coordinator of the Holy Oak Nest and Facilitator of the Alachua Pagan Alliance which met monthly in the public library.  In 1994, his third son, Gabriel, adopted from Ducie’s second marriage, was born as he was attending a gathering.  In 1997, he was invested as CAW minister at Dragon Hills, Georgia.

            In 2000, he met Elisabet (Moonflower) Carlson and they moved into their present house in Gainesville.  Three years later, Luke earned his Master’s degree in Religion from UF.  In 2005, Church of All Worlds Florida was founded with Luke as its primary Pastoral leader.  That year, Elisabet and Luke moved to San Francisco (and later Berkeley) so that Luke could pursue a PhD in Religion and the Humanities at the California Institute of Integral Studies, a degree he completed in 2009.  A year later, having moved back to the Gainesville house, his first book, Radiant Circles: Progressive Ecospirituality and the Church of All Worlds, based on his doctoral dissertation, was published by the Solantis Institute, CAW Florida’s educational and publishing subsidiary.

            Luke is currently an adjunct professor of Religion and the Humanities at Santa Fe College and the College of Central Florida.  He and Elisabet were handfasted in 2009 and live with their cats in Gainesville.  

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