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Renew Your Membership

If you are a current or past member of Church of All Worlds (CAW), please use the link below to renew your membership.

You will need either the email address or the magickal name that you used when you initially joined CAW.

NOTE: If you were a member prior to 2006

Due to the loss of our membership database in the transition between CAW II and the 3rd Phoenix Resurrection of CAW, if you were a member prior to 2006 , and have not reapplied for membership since then, we do not have your membership information in our new database and we have to ask that you fill out a New Member application. We regret any inconvenience that this may cause.


If you are renewing for a household, the discount for households has been eliminated so each person is required to renew as an individual. If you have problems or questions regarding this, please go to Special Circumstances and describe your situation. You will then receive further instructions on renewing.

Many Thanks,
Mama Maureen, Membership Coordinator

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