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2015: Last Tango at RavenHaven

This will be the final party at RavenHaven
Mark your calendar!
August 15-16, 2015

Final Hippy Dippy Pool Party at RavenHaven (& Yard Sale)

Address: 795 Helman Lane, Cotati, CA 94931

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Message from Oberon

This will be a two-day event. Folks can come any time after noon on Saturday and Sunday, and stay late into the evening—or even camp out in the front yard. I intend to have tables full of stuff to unload in a “Garage Sale of the Mysteries” out by the pool, so bring your wallets! There are especially lots of books (mostly sci-fi & fantasy, but plenty of other stuff too).

I’m also packing up stuff to put into storage, as well as stuff to take along to my next home with Anne & James in Bonny Doon (Heinlein’s old neighborhood near Santa Cruz). I’ll be deeply grateful for any help I can get for the packing process! I’ve already started with the books, and I’ll be finishing with the Goddesses. Everything has to be out of here by Sept. 23!

If you want to come by and help pack, please let me know so I’ll be sure and be around. I do have to run errands every few days, but I won’t be leaving town during this time. And if you can bring along some unmarked boxes to pack stuff into, as well as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, newspapers, etc., please do!

Thank you!

We’re brainstorming for cool things to do this year, and we’d like to invite you to become part of the entertainment!

Anyone up for DJ’ing music? Last year we had Zack and Verge DJ’ing out by the pool, and Gary in the Temple. They were all fabulous! Gary will be back again for this last blow-out! But we don’t yet have anyone to DJ outside by the pool…

In previous years we’ve had Fire-spinning, and we’d like to do that again!

Also our usual Hula-Hooping (bring more!)

Bring your Frizbees!

Bubbles! If you have bubble machines, or other cool soap-bubble stuff, bring ‘em!

And of course dig out your best Hippy and Mod threads and bling!

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