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The Primate

The Primate of the Church of All Worlds is the chief spiritual leader and ultimate ecclesiastical authority of the Church. We look to our Primate as our spokesperson, and as the person who leads the vision of our Church. Our Primate is also responsible for integration of the changing awareness of society into the vision of the Church, and coordination of relationships with other groups within the larger Pagan community.

The Primate keeps well informed enough on all phases of both the Church of All Worlds and Paganism as a whole that s/he may always perform these duties competently and effectively. Our current Primate, Oberon Zell, is also designated as the First Primate, in honor of his many years of service to the Church of All Worlds, and to acknowledge him as co-founder and incorporator of the Church of All Worlds, and in recognition of his well-known abilities as an excellent representative of the larger Primate family.

The Primate Elect

The CAW Primate holds that office for life, or until s/he retires, or is removed from office for cause. To ensure a smooth transition of the Primate's Office, one of the duties of the Primate's office is for the current Primate to select and train a successor.

Reverend Luke Moonoak, one of our Ministers, has been selected to succeed Oberon as his successor, and has begun training as the Primate Elect for that eventuality.

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