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The current President is of Church of All Worlds is Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation, the business side of CAW. The President supervises and controls the affairs of the Corporation and the activities of the Officers, and acts as Facilitator at all meetings of the Board of Directors.

Along with the Secretary, the President executes all deeds, bonds, contracts, and other obligations and instruments authorized by the Board of Directors in the name of the Corporation. As the Corporate President, s/he delegates duties to subordinate staff in whatever manner is necessary to conduct business This includes the ability to appoint a Director of Operations who reports directly to the President and who directs the Church's volunteer staff in the conduct of the business of the corporation.

The President of CAW is the "buck stops here" person where the business of the Corporation is concerned, and is the person responsible for doing whatever is necessary to get the work of the Church done.

The Succession of who has served as President of CAW in the past can be seen on our "Successions" page.

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