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The Once and Future Church

In the 3rd Edition of the Church of All Worlds Membership Handbook, there is an article entitled, “Just Where is the Church of All Worlds At?” which begins:


“The Church of All Worlds offers a religious position uniquely suited to the educated, enlightened, inquiring modem mind. In  harmony with the principles and conclusions of science, receptive to the values and  wisdom of the ancients and the great religions of humanity, sensitive to the deep  psychological and spiritual needs of all people, we aspire to be the kind of free, growing  and unifying religion that today's and tomorrow's world so urgently needs.  

The Church of All Worlds is Neo-Pagan: a modem Earth Religion-an orientation chosen because of its traditional associations with Life and the processes of Nature,  which we consider an appropriate religious  orientation for the emerging Aquarian Age.  As western civilization has been to a great  degree the product of the past two thousand  years of Piscean Age Christianity, so do we  envision a new whole-Earth culture of transformative religious ecology to become the  product of the next epoch of Aquarian Age  Neo-Paganism. In common with many other  Neo-Pagan religions, CAW presents a life- affirming religious philosophy for the joyous unification of eros, ethos and ecos; of  cult, culture and cultivation”


The Church of All Worlds thus sees itself as a Church of the past, the present, and the future. We acknowledge that our roots are in the past, as we reclaim and reinvigorate the values and traditions of our Pagan ancestors. At the same time we do so creatively, keeping that which serves us in the present day, and which will facilitate our growth, while discarding that which has outgrown its usefulness. We look to the Past, but we also look to the future… to our own future growth, as well as to the future benefit of society and the planet, that great Divine being we recognize as Gaia.  We have been called a science fiction Church because we draw inspiration and meaning in the mythic structures of our times, which are commonly embodied by writers such as Robert Heinlein, Aldous Huxley, Ursula K. LeGuin, Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and many other Science Fiction writers and Futurists. We recognize that simply because something is “myth” or “fiction” does not prevent it from teaching us deeper truths, and accept seminal truths where we find them, whether that be in a science fiction novel, such as Stranger in a Strange Land, or through study of and reawakening of the Eleusinian Mysteries, or through personal vision questing. We consider the source less important than the truth itself.

Then again, we don’t accept either what we’re given to understand of our past or what is imagined of the future without critical examination. We put everything to the test, even our own beliefs and convictions.  We worship neither the God of Science nor the God of Religion without question – but rather we give all what we feel is their proper their due. We accept the value of scientific inquiry, of intuition, and of matters of the Spirit. We eschew dichotomies and oversimplification and see things not in black and white, or even in shades of gray, but rather in a whole rainbow of colors, and acknowledge that there are colors still beyond our visual spectrum.

 We honor and hold sacred Body, Mind and Spirit, and subject things to the analysis of our minds, the feelings of our heart, and meditate and pray to seek the guidance of the Divine Spirit, which we see as being both Within and Without, and as running through all things.  We say, “All that Groks is God.” We toss out the concept of “sacred vs. profane”, considering all of nature Sacred.

So as we share with you who we are, we share with you where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going. And we ask you to consider if we might benefit by sharing the journey for a while?

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