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CAW at Pantheacon 2017


Feb 17 – 20, 2017 at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, CA
Hospitality Suite Room 251
6 PM to 8 PM Friday
11 PM to 8 PM Saturday & Sunday
11AM to Noon on Monday


SUITE THEME: Diversity of the Inner Archetypes

Informed by Ancient Practices, guided by a Visionary Future: Eclectic, inclusive, cross cultural, eco-sexual, and sex positive. Church of All Worlds has been offering cutting edge trainings, & deep ceremony nationally and internationally for over 50 years. Join us at the Con for a Tarot Tea, an Unsocial, a Snuggle Fest, a Kinky Spirituality Salon, exploring Social Justice Paganism, Water Sharing and more. Make magic that transforms the world!

CAW hosts a museum of over 300 Goddess statues in Santa Cruz, California, and a 50 acre Pagan Retreat Center near Ukiah, CA.

Now Accepting New & Renewing Memberships at CAW.ORG

Our amazing website is up and running. Much information can be found there, as well as ways to join, contact us, and chat (forums). Please stop by, check it out and let us know what you think!!

NOTE: All raffle and auction items MUST be paid for and retrieved on the day of the auction! Please do not miss out on your new wonderful treasures! Cash and Checks ONLY; checks may be made out to CAW. All proceeds from the auction and raffle go to the up-keep of CAW and Annwfn, CAW’s sacred land in Mendocino County.

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