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The Operational Web

The Operational Web exists solely for the purpose of making manifest the Purpose and Mission of the Church, and as such is guided in action by the vision created and elucidated by the Councils of the Ecclesiastical Web, especially by that of the torchbearers of the tradition, our Collegium Magistrorum. The Operational Web tends to the day-to-day mundane operation of the Church, administrative tasks, communications and outreach and legal issues. The Operational Web is comprised of the Operational Councils, each of which is responsible for various functional areas reporting to the Board of Directors.

The Operational Councils of the Church of All Worlds, each have their own pages, and blogs for those Councils are updated by the current Coordinators of those Councils. Sub-councils (or committees), which have responsibility for specific area tasks under each main operational Council, are listed on the Main Council's page. To reach the Coordinator of any Council, you may write to the following email addresses

Responsible for: Compliance and Reporting; interfacing with CAW's legal counsel, assuring corporate legal requirements are met; includes legal oversight of Subordinate Organization reporting.

Reports to Secretary
Title: Legal Compliance Coordinator
E-mail to:
Sub-Councils / Committees
  • Canon Law Committee
  • Legal Dispute Resolution Council
  • Annwfn Management Council (AMC)
Responsible for: Office Administration & Fulfillment; processing of manual forms & correspondence, physical membership package fulfillment.
Reports to Secretary
Title: CAW Central Office Coordinator
E-mail to:
Sub-Councils / Committees
  • Fulfillment Team (Manual fulfillment & correspondence)
  • CAWMIS-Records Management Team (Data entry of manual records)
Responsible for: Inreach & Outreach; Public Relations, coordination of web site presence, administration of CAW communication media.
Reports to Secretary
Title: Communications Facilitator
E-mail to:
Sub-Councils / Committees
  • CAWeb Spinners (Website Design, programming and programmatic maintenance.)
  • Content Management Team (Website content)
  • PR Team (Public information updates)
  • CAWMIS (Database design and management)
  • Hot Tub Team (Forums & e-groups administration/moderation)
  • Green Egg (CAW GE Presence)
Responsible for: Finance & Fundraising; bookkeeping and financial reporting, both legal and required by Canons; coordination of marketing & fundraising efforts; fiscal oversight of subordinate organizations. 

Reports to: Finance Coordinator
Title: Treasurer
E-mail to:
Sub-Councils / Committees
  • Nemeton (Marketing and brand promotion)
  • Fundraising Committee


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