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Jacquie "Omi" Mackenzie

Rev. Dr. Jacquie "Omi" Mackenzie

Role(s): Priestess, Minister, Board Member

Rev. Dr. Jacquie "Omi" Mackenzie is on the Board for The Church of All Worlds, the cofounder both The Church of Iron Oak, ATC and Summerland Monastery, Inc. CAW. Omi was ordained in Northern European Shamanism in 1991, after 28 years as a student of U.U. and Renzi Zen Buddhism. She was the Presiding Elder of WindTree Ranch (1996-2008) a 1,227 acre Pagan Retreat on the Arizona/Sonora Border. She continues to oversee charity work focused on education of needy children in Summerland Monastery/Tierra de Verano in Central Mexico and Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador. She was awarded both MS/BS in Nonprofit Business Management from FIT (1987/98), a BA and a Minister Director in 1994 from Universal Brotherhood, and both PhD/EdS in Special Education, Bilingual Education, and SocioCultural Studies from University of Arizona (2007/10).

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