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Requirements for the Second Ring

SECOND Ring—”Scions”(Circles 4-6)
Color: Red; Purpose: Service

This brings you into FOURTH CIRCLE (Saturn)
Your purpose here is Service.
Minimum time in this Circle: 1 year.
As a Scion, you are expected to:
 Make a tithing pledge for the equivalent of one hour’s wage per month to the Church, (minimum $5 per month) which may be earmarked toward an area chosen by the Scion, such as website development, publishing projects, computer equipment, subsidiaries, Sanctuary maintenance and improvements, etc. All contributions are tax-deductible.
 Attend CAW festivals at cost (usually half price) and continue to receive 10% discount on classes.
 Take on an active role in CAW affairs (form or help run local Nest, serve on committees or projects, attend CAW meetings, take on organizing or reporting tasks, or help to run festivals or events).
 Continue your magical & spiritual training, studies & practice training.
 Read more books from the CAW Bibliography.
 Continue contact with Mother Nature (camping, hiking, rafting, climbing, diving, spelunking, etc.)
 Become familiar with CAW’s literature, history, and internal structure. Be able to discuss our thealogy, ethics, vision, historical perspective, goals, etc.

The Five Tracks of the Second Ring
Continuing service and progression through the Second Ring will be conducted in one or more of the following Elemental Tracks:
Educational and Mental Growth (Air)
Magickal Growth and Will (Fire)
Group Dynamics and Emotional Growth (Water)
Personal and Community / Environmental Growth (Earth)
Spiritual and Religious Growth (Spirit)

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