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New article on Barsoom by OZ

“The Doom of Barsoom”

For those of you who enjoyed my previous articles and maps of the planet Barsoom (Mars) from Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “John Carter of Mars” books, I have a new piece up with more cool maps, explaining what became of the Mars of canals and ancient civilizations.

Since creating my poster map of Barsoom in 2012, by compositing Schiaparelli’s Victorian-era maps of the Martian “canali” with a modern map of Mars by noted planetary cartographer Ralph Aeschilman, I have been puzzling over how to reconcile all those detailed maps of Mars made from 1876 through 1971, showing intricate networks of apparent canals, with the bleak and barren Mars we discovered with NASA’s Mariner and Viking missions in the 1970s, on which no such features can be seen.


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