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Greenfield Ranch is 40!

Last week we were about to announce a Lughnasadh gathering at Annwfn for Saturday, Aug. 11, when we received word of a conflicting event which the Annwfn Caretakers and Community are specifically invited to by Ranch Assoc. President Paul Mueller: **The 40th Anniversary of the founding of Greenfield Ranch -- 1972-2012** Date: Saturday, August 11! The festivities will start out at the swimming hole around noon, and later move up to the Ranch House for the Barbecue and party. The Assoc. is asking a $20 donation for the Barbecue/party. Annwfn has been actively reaching out to the rest of the Ranch owners in recent weeks. Attending this event is an important part of this outreach. NOTE that there is now a splendid gate on the Main Ranch Road. You will need to ask for the CODE if you plan to attend. Also, if you would like to stay over at Annwfn, it would be helpful to let the Caretakers know ahead of time. Vitor's phone is best accessed by text message: 949-606-5030. You can also reply to this email, or phone me at 707-972-7974.

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