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Purpose: Leadership

The third is made up of long-time members of the Church, who have undergone spiritual training and extensive training in their particular Track of Service, and who desire to commit fully to CAW & the CAW Mission. To become a member of the Third Ring, you first need to have learned to serve and create, have been approved and initiated by the community, and have dedicated your life to the gods, to CAW as a Tribe, and to the Mission of CAW. The role of the Inner Circles is to offer leadership, guidance, teaching, ritual creation, and to accept final responsibility (the buck stops here).

Entering the Third Ring is a complex process requiring fulfillment of all the previous levels, as well as a level of personal development that is worthy of setting an example for others. Once you have been approved by Lifeways and have undergone your initiation ritual, your purpose now is to foster the growth and development of the Pagan movement and community, and help the return of the Goddess to the world at large. This is achieved in numerous ways: through ritual, leadership, workshops and teaching, writing, traveling, conducting interviews, creating works of art, and just getting in there and doing it.

This Ring uses the color violet to signify spirituality.

7th Circle (Earth) Leading

Once initiated, the Beacon is now asked regularly to lead rituals, coordinate activities and major events, reach out to the larger community, conduct interviews, write articles, counsel, vision, and create. They become an integral focal point in the net, supporting and guiding others along the path.

8th Circle (Venus) Fostering

The next level addressed is to interface with the larger Pagan community and to foster the philosophy of the Church and the Pagan movement in general within the larger world. This involves travelling and teaching workshops, writing books, recording music, creating major events and otherwise making a noticeable mark outside the Tribe.

9th Circle (Mercury) Grokking

Grok is a term found in Stranger in a Strange Land, which means to fully and totally comprehend something—literally, “to drink.” Those who enter Circle nine have attained a recognized spiritual mastery and are free to do as they choose, trusting that their level of development will dictate that they choose well.

So, having waded through our general plan, should you still desire to proceed, you'll want a full copy of the RINGs Cycle, which contains a list of suggestions and/or requirements for progression into the web,  Do remember that this progression is not a requirement for membership in the Church or the community. Also remember that through obtaining an advisor or sponsor at the different levels, you may be able to substitute experience of your own for some of the requirements. This is available on a case-by-case basis only, through the discretion of your advisor or sponsor.

      It is important to note that this is not designed to be particularly easy, nor should it be overly difficult. We do want to have a standard which requires more intimate involvement in and connection to the Tribe as one moves inward.

We do want to emphasize that service to the community, both within CAW and outside of CAW, is important to moving inward. We do want to have holistic standards of self-actualization that foster a sense of accomplishment as one grows, without promoting hierarchical thinking or dogma.

We are constantly evolving this structure as people weave their way thorough it and we find out what works and what doesn’t, and how it fits the needs within the community. We are open to feedback in the form of suggestions and constructive criticism. Write to us at: Lifeways, PO Box 758, Cotati, CA 94931 or email us at

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