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Purpose: Service

A Scion is a new shoot or living branch grafted onto another plant, or an extension on a family tree. Scions are the inheritors of their lineage, and are here accorded the color red to symbolize fertility. To become a Scion in the Church of All Worlds is to not only be a part of it, but also be committed to its further growth and expansion. Up until this point, membership in CAW may have been solely an exercise in your personal journey; but moving into the 2nd Ring indicates that your journey is now part of CAW’s. Your purpose here is service and the Scion is expected to take an active role in CAW as a whole.

Scions are people who have been involved long enough to want to help run things, or create new aspects within the Church, such as a new Nest or a newsletter. It is not required that one enter this level, and it is better to remain in the First Ring than take this responsibility falsely, for others will count on you to carry through.

Before entering the Second Ring, you must contact the Scion Council, or speak to another person who has already transitioned inward through the Second Ring (an active Scion or Beacon) and request that they serve as your Scion Advisor. Initially you will simply have an informal chat with this person to discussion your desire to serve the Church as a Scion, but if you both agree that this is the appropriate path for you, this person will become your primary mentor and work closely with you, the Mentoring Council and the Scion Council to assist in your movement inward. Your Scion Advisor can help you navigate through your transition, as well as helping you to stay on track once you are in the 2nd Ring; s/he can help you connect with ways to serve and be served by the rest of the Net.

Once your decision to make this commitment is firm, we ask for references from members of your Nest (if you have one, or members of the Pagan community who know you if you do not), a Beacon and/or Clergy member and an essay (or presentation/composition) on comparative religion, to demonstrate your breadth of understanding, which compares your religion of origin, Paganism and another religion you have studied.

Scionhood and other progressions should, in principle, be conferred by the general membership of CAW. The Scion Advisor who has walked the journey with the applicant should ascertain if this support is available and, if so, recommend them for approval. This approval must be attained before any initiation/ordination ritual can take place.

4th Circle (Saturn) Serving

After your scion initiation you are expected to serve the community. This may involve mundane clerical or administrative duties, rudimentary tasks at gatherings, assisting in nest activities, leading rituals, offering classes, or donating time in your particular area of expertise.

TRACKS of Service

Recognizing that service can be conducted in many areas, depending upon interest, aptitude and the needs of the community, CAW includes specialized “tracks” of service and from the Fourth Circle inward makes specific recommendations for individuals interested in embarking upon specific tracks. As members enter the Second Ring, they may choose to focus upon an aspect that is most appealing to them.

One need not be restricted to just one track, and it is expected that most individuals will have interests in multiple tracks, but like a major and minor in college, people may choose to focus their service primarily in one or two tracks. It is intended that this recognition of different paths towards service will allow for the formation of track-oriented guilds and councils which will be responsible for making recommendations for making recommendations for service and growth in their individual area. Choosing a track does not preclude service in other tracks, rather pursuing a track is intended to allow individuals to focus more intensely upon their individual strengths and gifts, and provide a peer network focused on work within a specific area of concentration.

Currently the Lifeways Council recognizes the following Tracks of Service. Recommendations for other Tracks or Guilds may be submitted to the Lifeways Council for consideration.

Administrative & Support Services (Web Weaver’s Guild)

This is the path of service through helping with administrative details: maintaining the mailing list, serving on the Board of Directors or administrative councils, keeping the books, editing newsletters, and just generally organizing things.

Technical Support Services (Web Builder’s Guild)

This is made of people with technical expertise who enjoy figuring out how to make challenging puzzles happen. This may include computer networks, installation of water systems, building a stage for a festival, designing a building, solar panel system, audio system for ritual, lighting, stage design, etc.

Earth Stewards (Gaia’s Guild)

This is a path of service focused on stewardship of the Earth. It involves hands-on work in the physical world: working on the land sanctuary, with gardening, farming, carpentry, or physical maintenance; also working in the world with eco-activism, tree-planting, pollution cleanup, etc.

Manifestation Studies (Wizard’s Guild)

This track is for those who wish to focus on magic and other forms of manifestation work. It includes the study of magick and manifestation as a broad topic and includes studies such as magick and ritual, trance work, chakra work, mental disciplines such as meditation and the Silva method, political activism, Taiji practice, Prostrations, yoga, ecstatic, channeling, divination, and any magickal or energy work craft which helps one change consciousness, and change reality.

Healing Arts (Healer’s Guild)

This track is for those members who are called to service in the various healing arts, both physical and mental/emotional. This includes therapists, body-workers, facilitators, mediators, herbalists, acupuncturists, doctors, medical technicians, nurses, etc. Service may be offered through practice and teaching of such skills as First Aid, CPR, Reiki, naturopathy, herbology, etc.

Academic Conclave (Scholar’s Guild)

This track is for people who love to glean information from complicated books the rest of us don’t have time to read, or who have put time and energy into special study of a subject related to CAW, such as Comparative Religion, History, Cosmology, Herbology, Nature Studies, etc.

The Scholar’s Guild helps to evaluate the RINGS bibliography, creates research topics and papers of interest to CAW and the Pagan community, conducts and disseminates research, and helps to train teachers in academic areas such as Pagan history, physical & cultural anthropology, astrology/astronomy, physics/quantum physics, mythology, mythoarcheology, etc. They may be called upon to research or provide information to others who may be writing rituals, papers or creating classes.

Artistic Guilds (Various Guilds)

Some people seek to make their contribution through creativity, through serving in Artistic Guilds such as the Bardic Guild, the Guild of Visual Artists, the Fine Arts Guild, or Home Arts. Service through guilds involves adding your creativity to the body of lore that we are developing and helping to coordinate others within your chosen guild. Guild members are drawn upon for contributions at major events.

Religious Life & Spirituality Studies (Hestia’s Guild & Clergy Council)

This track is for people who feel a calling specifically to the religious life and spiritual studies, and for those interested in pursuing training towards becoming CAW Clergy. The training in this track focuses on spiritual training and development of counseling and leadership skills. The path of service here involves counseling, leading rituals, developing spiritual practice, researching and learning and personal development and actualization.

Those who wish to become CAW Clergy members should also note that CAW Clergy are expected to serve in multiple tracks as part of their training and development, and that their Clergy training and application is separate from their RINGS training. Members interested in pursuing this track towards preparing for ordination in CAW should contact the Clergy Council as early as possible and seek out a Clergy Advisor to assist them in their path.

5th Circle (Jupiter) Creation

After serving for some time, people begin wanting to create new threads within the Church. In the 5th Circle, we encourage you to create rituals, new services, projects, infrastructure changes, and new Nests. You become involved by working creatively with others.

6th Circle (Mars) Dedication

This Circle is for people who feel an even stronger calling to serve by dedicating their life to the mission of CAW. Individuals who enter 6th Circle feel a deep connection to the Tribe of CAW, a strong desire to serve their community fully, and an overwhelming desire to promote responsible Earth stewardship and the evolution of consciousness. The 6th Circle is both a Circle of intensive service and a Circle of study & reflection. Most members who enter the 6th Circle are interested in becoming Beacons and the time spent in 6th Circle gives the Dedicant an opportunity to connect more deeply, to serve more intensely, and to reflect on whether s/he wishes to make the life time commitment required of Beacons.

A person enters the 6th Circle through proven accomplishment in the more outer Circles, a demonstration of wide-ranging leadership skills in creative and practical spheres, acceptance by the community, recommendation by their Nest or Circle, and a consensus vote of confidence by the existing 3rdRING. At 6th Circle, Dedicants spend a minimum of a year and a day working with their Third Ring Sponsor to complete any remaining areas that need focus or attention and learning through experience and service what life long commitment to the third RING entails.

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