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Lifeways Council

Lifeways: Healing Ourselves and Each Other


Lifeways was founded by Anodea Judith in 1984. Its original incarnation was as the teaching branch of CAW. This was accomplished by means of the R.I.N.G.S. system. Anodea has since gone on to do other work outside CAW, and during the 3rd Phoenix Resurrection of CAW we have been busily restructuring Lifeways to meet the evolving needs of the Church, and to utilize the ever expanding technology available to us. We honor Anodea's accomplishments and contributions in creating Lifeways, which became the beginning of the R.I.N.G.S. system, and in her work as a ritualist in our celebrations. We wish her well on her continuing journey.


The RINGs program has undergone a complete revision since the inception of CAW III to better serve the purpose, mission and vision of CAW. That vision, while it may seem complex, can be simplified down to one pretty concise idea – to foster the self actualization and expanded consciousness of the individual, and in doing so contribute to the expanded consciousness of the world as a whole (Gaia) and (as a logical result) to contribute to the reawakening of (or reconnection with) the Universal Mind/Consciousness/Source of Being/Ultimate Reality/God/dess.

Our RINGs program and our projects have always been designed to foster the following 3 goals which we see as necessary to achieving our mission:

  • The self-actualization of the individual, i.e., creating balanced, whole/holistic, empathic and aware individuals.
  • Fostering intimate connection of the individual with the CAW community.
  • Fostering connection between the individual and CAW as an organization and the outer community, the world (including deep ecology and “eco-psychic awareness”) and the Universe… and what we perceive from our CAW perspective as “God/dess” (i.e., “all that groks is God.

A summary of the new RINGs program is now available in our RINGs section and a complete, current .pdf version is available in our documents archive, but as with any good program, it is organic, and always evolving, so check back periodically. We are now working on revising and updating our bibliography to better support the new RINGs, and we are working on implementing the Lifeways School of Life, an online CAW Seminary, which will provide CAW specific classes and training utilizing Moodle, an open source Course Management System.

If you are interested in working through the CAW RINGs, or in taking or teaching Lifeways courses, please contact the Lifeways Coordinator at

In addition to administering the RINGs, Lifeways also has several other sub-councils devoted to religious education, healing and self-actualization. The Library Staff reviews and approves submissions to add to and recommendations for removal of media from the bibliography, assists WebSpinners / Content Management Team in keeping the “Bookstore” updated, and assists in procurement and management of electronic archival media. The Mentors’ Council assists with the evaluation and guidance of individuals participating in the RINGs program. The C.A.W. ReWeave (Recovery) Web assists members with substance abuse and addiction recovery issues and wrks closely with CAW Healer’s Guild and utilizes Pagan & non-denominational 12 Step programs along with other supportive addiction recovery programs
 and provides a support network to recovering members. And Aphrodite’s Temple educates the community on sexual ethics and sexual health, assists members with sexual healing, intimacy and sexual abuse issues, works closely with qualified members of CAW Healer’s Guild to provide appropriate support to survivors and others with sexual injuries and utilizes tools devoted to promoting sexual recovery, self-love, reclaiming of sexual power / identity and healing. Different subgroups with Aphrodite's Temple provide support to members with gender identity and sexual identity concerns, and abuse survivors. The temple also provides a support network to sexual abuse survivors and those requesting help on sexual health issues.

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