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NEMETON is the fund raising, merchandising and publishing branch of the Church. We publish records and tapes, song books, poetry, religious and philosophical tracts, and books. Look real soon for new items like CAW Bumper Stickers, CAWfee mugs, mouse pads, T-shirts, and much more. NEMETON helps to support the maintenance of Annwfn and the reforestation efforts of Forever Forests.

*** NEW PRODUCT! ***

The music of Gwydion Pendderwen is back in a newer, higher quality recording! The picture link below will take you direct to the ordering page for this new release. Proceeds go to help the Annwfn Sanctuary, Gwydion's old home.

The Music of Gwydion

See also The Faerie Shaman Rides Again

This Project is under Development or Reorganization.

We are currently seeking volunteers to help with the development of this Project.  If you are interested in helping with publishing or merchandising, please email

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