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Midsummer at Annwfn - 2014

Solstice - June 20, 2014

MidSummer Solstice Celebration
June 20-22, 2014

Join in Turning The Wheel of The Year
Blessed Be!  

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Theme: Sharing Water: An Event for Morning Glory's Greater Feast

Who: Church of All Worlds and Annwfn Sanctuary
When: Friday June 20th through to Sunday June 22th
Where: Annwfn Sanctuary About 5 miles west of Calpella., Redwood Valley, California 95470
What: Midsummer Celebration. come join us for feasting after we take down the Maypole and remove John Thomas from the cap!

Once we are completed, the May Royalty will hold court on the upper meadow.  there will be games, entertainment and BBQ! please bring up an item to share in this potluck picnic (bring enough to share with 4 others.) 

Why: the gardens in bloom, and summer's in swing. let's fire up the BBQ, splash in the pond, and enjoy the celebration of Midsummer!

Also called Litha, this sabbat honors the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice.

If you are looking to secure a ride or can give a ride, please do not hesitate to take advantage of the new carpool site for CAW: especially if you can give a ride, please register! also, it helps to register and pay EARLY to supply needed resources to Annwfn for preparations.
CLOTHING: this is a clothing optional event. ritual clothing is admired but not required.

IF CAMPING, BRING: camping gear, musical instruments, food, water, ritual gear if you are planning to be here Friday-Sunday
Days can be warm but evenings can be cold. Bring propane. Warm clothes. Sleeping Bags. Tents. Etc. Suggested camping supply list: 

Suggested donations are $35-50 for the two-day festival. register at before June 20th! opportunities for work-trade investments are also considered via email: Art Goheen  they will be closely matched to needs arising during the festival. we hope to see many of you come up for the festivities and the pageantry.

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