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2016 Litha Summer Solstice at Annwfn

June 17/18/19 2016

Litha - Summer Solstice


Please join us in celebration of Midsummer on June 17/18/19 2016 at Annwfn.

Litha/Midsummer is a time of celebrating the peak of our energy, calling in the golden energy of the Summer Sun to fuel our passions, feeling the glistening sweat on our skin and invoking the success of the crops and visions we are now growing and wish to harvest in the Autumn.


We are asking for a donation of $30/day. Work trades are limited and must be arranged in advance. To find out more about work trades contact

All monies raised go toward supporting our sacred sanctuary.

To DONATE, please use the PayPal Register Event button above.

If you do not wish to register using the PayPal registration, PLEASE RSVP to Event Team ( if you are planning to attend this Festival. Be prepared to pay at the event with cash, money order or credit card.

(schedule details to follow)

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