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To Those Who Would be Members of CAW

This is the pledge we ask of everyone who wishes to progress into the 2nd Circle of the Church of All Worlds and become a dues-paying member of the Church. Active (dues current) membership includes access to a robust network of like minded individuals, invitations to festivals, a voice in our consensus decision making process through Curia, and an annual free trip around the Sun!

Membership Pledge

In dedication to the celebration of Life in its many forms, I hereby declare my commitment to a way of life that is ethical, benevolent, humanistic, life-affirming, ecstatic and ecologically sane. I subscribe to means and methods that are creative rather than destructive, tolerant rather than authoritarian, gentle rather than violent, inclusive rather than exclusive. I pledge myself to harmonious eco-psychic awareness with the total biosphere of Holy Mother Earth.

Like an ancient tree, I would have my roots deep in the Earth and my branches reaching for the stars.

I acknowledge my personal responsibility for myself, to my fellow humans, and to the whole of Nature; and I recognize this total responsibility, in each of us, as the source of our infinite freedom to become who we are and do what we will. I dedicate myself to my own inner growth and development that I may be of greater service to myself and the world around me. For these reasons I recognize Divinity both within and without, and I say to myself and others: THOU ART GODDESS; THOU ART GOD.

I wish to unite with others upon a spiritual path that encompasses both the Heavens and the Earth, and hereby make application to join the membership of the Church of All Worlds, in order that we may learn together and teach each other ways to bring about these ends.

I understand that this association does not require the severing of any other religious ties.

Clicking I ACCEPT will take you to the Membership Application. Current dues for new members are $30.00 per year.

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