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RINGs (Religious Education)

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This section of our website is still under development.  Please forgive the unformatted raw data...  

This council is still under development.

We are currently seeking volunteers to help with the development of this sub-council.  If you are interested in the Church of All Worlds progressive path towards self-actualization, involvement and service (our RINGs program), please email If you are interested in helping to develop our Guilds and Tracks, please email,

Council of Guildmasters

The Council of Guildmasters assists with integration of the individual Guild requirements into the overall vision of the  RINGs program.

TRACKS of Service

Recognizing that service can be conducted in many areas, depending upon interest, aptitude and the needs of the community, CAW includes specialized “tracks” of service and from the Fourth Circle inward makes specific recommendations for individuals interested in embarking upon specific tracks. As members enter the Second Ring, they may choose to focus upon an aspect that is most appealing to them.

One need not be restricted to just one track, and it is expected that most individuals will have interests in multiple tracks, but like a major and minor in college, people may choose to focus their service primarily in one or two tracks. It is intended that this recognition of different paths towards service will allow for the formation of track-oriented guilds and councils which will be responsible for making recommendations for making recommendations for service and growth in their individual area. Choosing a track does not preclude service in other tracks, rather pursuing a track is intended to allow individuals to focus more intensely upon their individual strengths and gifts, and provide a peer network focused on work within a specific area of concentration.

Currently the Lifeways Council recognizes the following Tracks of Service. Recommendations for other Tracks or Guilds may be submitted to the Lifeways Council for consideration.

  • Administrative & Support Services (Web Weaver’s Guild)
  • Technical Support Services (Web Builder’s Guild)
  • Earth Stewards (Gaia’s Guild)
  • Manifestation Studies (Wizard’s Guild)
  • Healing Arts (Healer’s Guild)
  • Academic Conclave (Scholar’s Guild)
  • Artistic Guilds (Various Guilds)
  • Religious Life & Spirituality Studies (Hestia’s Guild & Clergy Council)


Guilds are informal associations of individuals interested in specific tracks, or in specialized areas within tracks. CAW guilds determine their own membership and advancement requirements for Apprentice, Journeyman and Master/Mistress, and whether or not their guilds are initiatory in nature and may be Pan-Pagan and work within the larger Pagan community.  The tracks guilds (listed above) are specialized guilds within CAW which work to make recommendations to the Lifeways Coordinator which are integrated into that Track's requirements for advancement within the RINGs program.  CAW's Guilds facilitate the formation of truly meaningful self-directed growth by connecting individuals proficient in special areas with those developing our RINGs program, so that those with mastery in a skills area are the ones setting the requirements for advancing in that area.


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