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Revival of the Green Egg Radio Hour

Five Rivers Bardic Arts Collective, Inc.
Green Egg Magazine

Announce the Revival of the Groundbreaking Green Egg Radio Hour
in its new incarnation as
The Green Egg-Five Rivers Radio Hour
Beginning Thursday, March 6, 2014
at 3:00 pm Pacific Standard Time
Hosted by
Publisher/Editor/Writer Ariel Monserrat
Award Winning Author/Historian/Druid Michael R. Gorman

On Thursday, March 6, 2014, tune in to meet your hosts as they interview each other and talk of their work and their vision for the show!

The show will cover a wide range of topics and guests who are on the cutting edge of the growing movement to embrace earth-honoring spirituality, sustainable green living, tribal consciousness, celebration of diversity, social justice, and restoring the arts to their rightful place at the center of civilized culture. Hosts Ariel Monserrat and Michael R. Gorman both are both passionate advocates of social change based on the wisdom of our ancestors in tribal cultures that both lived sustainably on the land for thousands of years in harmony with the ecosystem, and reflected the best of technology, innovation, and science of their time. The show will explore a new synthesis of what the Romans called "the Paganus" or "country dwellers" of the past, and the green researchers, scientists, shamans, Pagan elders, spiritual practitioners, artists, writers, musicians, historians, and philosophers who are today exploring issues on the cultural cusp of the future. For too long we have tolerated a cultural paradigm that controls us and pits us against each other. Come join these two innovative thinkers and their guests on a voyage of discovery of the possibilities for a new cultural landscape that, instead, empowers us and weaves our paths together into something big enough to include us all.

Tune in:

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