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Collegium Magistrorum

COLLEGIUM MAGISTRORUM (Canons 5.1-5.2) At the heart of the Ecclesiastical Web is the Collegium Magistrorum, comprised of senior Beacons who have served the Church for at least 20 years, and who have been nominated by the Curia and confirmed by consensus of the existing Collegium Magistrorum. The role of the Collegium Magistrorum is to act as the senior torchbearers of the CAW vision, mission and traditions, to act as pathfinders for the Church, to assist with and facilitate conflict resolution, to provide oversight and review of RINGs status and membership status.

The Collegium Magistrorum hold the special membership status within the Church of All Worlds of being the only statutory members.  That is the Collegium Magistrorum are the only members of the Church who are considered members under the law.  They elect our Board of Directors and revise the Canons when needed. Being a member of the Collegium Magistrorum is therefore not automatic, but is an elected position.

Being an Elder by seniority in CAW or in the Pagan Community does not automatically make one a member of the Collegium Magistrorum. Candidates must be nominated and confirmed. We originally felt that "Council of Elders" was the best name for this Council, but have since realized that it causes a cognative disconnect to try to explain that one can be an Elder in the community, or to have the seniority of an Elder within CAW, but not to be an "Elder" by legal definition. We therefore renamed The Council of Elder to Collegium Magistrorum, our most Senior Spiritual Council.

Our Current Collegium Magistrorum:

Oberon Zell-Ravenheart

The Religious Councils are overseen by the Collegium Magistrorum and in cooperation with the Clergy Council, they coordinate the religious life track and ordination and initiation requirements, and oversee religious aspects of the religious subordinate organizations (Lifeways, H.O.M.E., & P.O.E.M.) The following Councils, which have to do with membership and congregational affairs, as well as Canon Law review, all report directly to the Council of Elders. Each of these Councils have their own pages, and blogs for those Councils are updated by the current Coordinators of those Councils. Sub-councils (or committees), which have responsibility for specific area tasks under each main operational Council, are listed on the Main Council's page. To reach the Coordinator of any Council, you may write to the following email addresses

Responsible for: Development of Canon Law, coordination with Priesthood Council to ensure Canon Law supports the Vision and the Mission, and with Legal Compliance Coordinator to ensure Canon Law complies with state and federal laws. Makes recommendations to Council of Elders on revision of Canon Law.
Reports to: Collegium Magistrorum. Consults with Legal Council to ensure legal compliance of recommendations.
Title: Canon Law Committee Facilitator
E-mail to:
Sub-Councils / Committees None
Responsible for: RE program & self actualization training. Coordination of Mentor volunteers and RINGs Oversight (advisory).
Reports to Collegium Magistrorum on Religious Education; Secretary for Record Keeping.
Title: Lifeways Coordinator
E-mail to:
Sub-Councils / Committees
  • Guilds and Tracks (Integration of the individual Guild requirements into the overall vision of the RINGs program)
  • Library Staff (Bibliography and Bookstore)
  • Mentors’ Council (Assists with evaluation and guidance of individuals participating in the RINGs program.)
  • C.A.W. ReWeave (Recovery) Web (Assists members with substance abuse and addiction recovery issues.)
  • Aphrodite's Temple (Sex education,sexual ethics, sexual health, sexual healing, intimacy and sexual abuse issues.)
Responsible for: Membership approval & oversight.
Reports to Collegium Magistrorum for Approval; Secretary for Record Keeping.
Title: Membership Coordinator
E-mail to:
Sub-Councils / Committees None
Responsible for: Congregational Inreach / Outreach.
Reports to Collegium Magistrorum on spiritual matters; Secretary for legal compliance and record keeping.
Title: Nesting Coordinator
E-mail to:
Sub-Councils / Committees Each nest has its own Nest Council which reports to the Nest Coordinating Council on a quarterly basis.

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