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Morning Glory Diorama

MG’s favorite photo of her in her full Priestess glory was the one of her standing naked on the altar stone at the Washington state Stonehenge replica, with our Unicorn, Bedivere. She had this up in our bedroom behind a little setup with small figurines of a naked Priestess and a scale Unicorn, and it’s among the photos in our life story, The Wizard and the Witch. She loved the little wallet-sized prayer cards I made up with that picture when she was in the hospital. Tom and Ariel used that same photo for the cover of the Green Egg MG memorial tribute issue (see it at, and I then made it into an 11”x17” poster ($5 if you want one).

Upon MG’s death, I realized that I will need to sculpt a Goddess figurine of her based on that image, to join the 350 or so other Goddesses in our Temple, who watched over her during her final days, and welcomed her into their company when she passed through the veil. So I started working in Photoshop to compose a perfect reference image at the proper scale to use as a basis for the statue. And during this process I had an inspiration: to make a 3-D paperdoll version that could be printed out on card stock, cut out and assembled into a little shadow box diorama. I’ve done this; here’s what it looks like:

If you’d like to make your own little Morning Glory Priestess shadowbox shrine, just print out these two pages onto card stock and follow the directions for cutting, folding, gluing and assembling. I recommend ordinary white glue (Elmer’s). You may glue the feet down or not, as you wish. I suggest also trimming away the white border at the front bottom edge of the background piece. If you really want to get fancy, you can put the whole thing I to a deep-set picture frame.

Thou Art Goddess!

To download the images below, right click on the image and save it to your computer. Images are much larger than shown. The full size image will download.

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