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Diana Morningstar

Role(s): Annwfn Caretaker; Board Member

Born in Louisville, KY, Graduated HS in Willimantic, CT, Bachelor’s in Biophysics at University of Connecticut. Spent time in the forests on Connecticut learning their ways. Worked in tech industry and began exploring Paganism in my mid 20’s.

Embarked on a journey of exploration across the continent, and found CAW and Annwfn soon after. I have been an activist in the Pagan movement, with Earth First!, and with Queer Nation. I have studied Feri, NROOGD, and Celtic traditions. I have journeyed to Alaska and Wales, seen great glaciers and walked ancient circles. I have been actively involved in Church of All Worlds, assisting with land stewardship, rituals, writing, and tech services.

I lived in and around the SF Bay area until 2000 when I moved to the Mount Shasta area, until returning to the region in 2013. In that time I produced digital art, and taught tech and art classes. I have been involved in the Annwfn community and festivals most of the time since arriving, except for some time while I lived near Shasta, and I am feeling the call to participate in the ongoing renewal of this community.

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