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Online lists, and other online activities (such as chat rooms, IRC, etc.), which serve their members in an online Nest-like capacity, may, if a majority of active adult CAW Members thereof (at least three, of whom at least one must be 4th Circle or inward) so choose, be designated “Cyber-Nests.”  Cyber-Nests are "non-local congregations" of the CAW, and like physical nests, can begin as a "cyber-nest forming". Cyber-nests are not eligible to be covered by the Church's IRS exemption, and therefore they are not required to file quarterly nesting reports. Granting of a Cyber-Nest Certificate is by application to and approval of the Nest Coordinating Council.. Cyber-Nests shall not be eligible to be covered by the Church’s Group Exemption.

The Nest of the Risen Phoenix Cyber-nest forming in Second Life

Second Life is a "Virtual World" "game". Or at least so it's called. It's really more of a virtual universe with lots of virtual galaxies with many inhabited virtual worlds. Some of them are "games", but most of them are just areas where you can chat (by text or voice) and interact virtually with other people.  The Nest of the Risen Phoenix meets "in world" periodically and hopes to set up monthly or even weekly events to connect and "grow closer" on a virtual level. We've even been known to hold watersharing rituals in world, and gave an elaborate virtual demonstration of what Neo-Pagan ritual was like using Reclaiming and Friends' The Spiral Dance at the Paganalia Festival in ROMA (an ancient Rome "sim") one year and have had various members create estates and temples for us to meet and worship in/at .  We'd love to connect with you and build our tribe using the techno-magick of the Second Life.

Nest Coordinator: CatDeville Llewellyn

To join:

  1. (If you're not already a member of Second Life... ) Join Second Life at:
  2. Create an Avatar (you might want use your CAW username as your SL username, so that we recognize you.)
  3. Take the tour / tutorial to learn how to get around.
  4. In the upper right hand corner there's a search box, Search for "SL Nest of the Risen Phoenix (CAW)"
  5. Click on the listing for "SL Nest of the RIsen Phoenix (CAW)", then click "More Info."
  6. On the right hand side, you'll see the group come up under "People".  Click "Join Now".
  7. Look at the list of people - see if anyone is online. If they are, chat with them!
  8. Read the group notices. They will tell you if there's a nest meeting coming up or being planned.
  9. Send an IM to me (CatDeville Llewellyn) or anyone you recognized in the group. If we're not online, we'll get it when we come back "in world."

That's it! Now attend Nest Meetings and get to know people. Folks will happily help you get around Second Life and sometimes we even have in world rituals!

Unassociated CyberNests

The following CyberNests are no longer associated with CAW, Inc., but may still be good places to meet CAW waterkin to share water virtually. 

Open Hearts-Open Minds (Oh-Om)
Cindy Fry
The Internest
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