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Condom Compact

Condom Compact

   The purpose of this Compact is to clearly delineate the rules of the Condom Commitment so that all members of this Condom Cadre shall have full understanding and agreement. The basic rules, as delineated by Morning Glory Zell in her article, "A Bouquet of Lovers" (GE89) are simple:

  1. All members of the Cadre may have unprotected vaginal or anal sex only with other members of the Cadre. All members of the Cadre must use condoms with any outside lovers. This rule does not apply to oral sex, which at this time is considered safe.
  2. The Condom Commitment begins with a founding Primary relationship where trust is absolute. Long-term Secondary lovers may join only by mutual consent of both Primaries and any other Secondaries who already belong.
  3. If a member of the Cadre slips up and has an unprotected fling then they must go through a quarantine period, be tested for all STDs, then accepted back in only by complete consensus of the other members of the Cadre. The duration of the quarantine period shall be determined by the other members of the Cadre based on the most up-to-date medical knowledge available. The same drill applies if a condom breaks during intercourse with an outside lover.

   The procedure for obtaining consent from all members of the Cadre for the admission of a new member shall be as follows: All extant members of the Cadre must be asked in advance, and not in the presence of the prospective new member, that they may deliberate without pressure before returning a verdict. Members must exercise respect and restraint by getting written approval from all members of the Cadre before having unprotected sex with a prospective new member. If it somehow it occurs that a new member is accepted into the Cadre without the knowledge or permission of one or more extant members (who may, for example, not be available or actively involved when the decision is made), it is imperative that said extant members be informed of the inclusion o f a new member prior to their next unprotected sexual encounter with any of the other members of the Cadre.

   In order to clarify these issues and assure mutual knowledge and agreement, all current members of this Cadre shall be listed herein.

   Signification of approval by other members shall be indicated by initials following the names. When new members are added, an updated copy of this document shall be presented to them and to all other members. If a present member wishes to withdraw from the Cadre, they must inform at least two of the members who will inform the others, and a new copy of this list will be presented to all to reflect the change. Inclusion of our names here signifies agreement with these conditions.

Names Admitted Initialized


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