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  • CAW Phoenix Yahoo List - General Discussion of topics related to CAW. - Open to public but new requests to join requires approval of moderator to keep the spammers out.
  • CAW Home Yahoo List - Discussions of establishing a new home for the Goddess Collection, Museum and Library — as well as funding to make the transition and complete the cataloging and exhibition of figurines and artifacts, books and DVDs, archives. - Closed list. Joining requires approval of moderation team.
  • CAW Members Yahoo List - Discussions for CAW members. (Mostly dormant but we are hoping with the new members, activity will pick up) - Closed list. Joining requires membership in CAW and approval of moderation team.
  • Friends of Annwfn Yahoo List - Discussion of events and activities at Annwfn, the Sacred Land of the Church of All Worlds. - Closed list. Joining requires approval of moderation team.

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