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Clergy Status Definitions

Within the Church of All Worlds, Clergy Status is defined by consensus of the CAW Clergy Council. Here are the terms and definitions concerning Clergy as we currently regard them:

“Active Clergy” = Membership active and in good standing, actively participating in the life of CAW (Inc.) as a Church.

“On Sabbatical” = Membership lapsed, but otherwise in good standing, not actively participating in the life of the Church due to personal reasons (health, family, employment, in school, etc.)

“Probationary” = Membership active, returned or returning to the Church; has applied for but has not yet completed the RINGs reinstatement process. Treated as “active” except for legal and paperwork purposes.

“CAW Tradition” = May or may not currently be a member of CAW, but is continuing to serve the CAW Community as a member of the Priesthood in a CAW Tradition. NOT legally connected to CAW, not responsible to CAW, Inc. or bound by CAW, Inc. ethics, guidelines, By-Laws, Canons, procedures or policies and CAW, Inc. is not legally liable in any way for their beliefs or actions.

“Retired” = May or may not currently be a member of CAW, Inc. but is not currently functioning within CAW as a member of the Priesthood. As with CAW Tradition Priesthood, except that they may or may not be serving the community as a member of the Priesthood, and may or may not consider themselves a member of a CAW Tradition. Retired members who advise us that they are serving the CAW community within the CAW Tradition may be listed as CAW Tradition Priesthood if they so desire.

“Resigned” = Voluntarily disassociated from CAW without prejudice.

“Defrocked” = Involuntarily disassociated from CAW due to unacceptable behavior or ethics (no one has actually been defrocked to date).


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