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Clergy Council

CLERGY COUNCIL (Canons 5.3, 10.3 and 10.4)

Licensed Ministers, Priors, Prioresses, and members of the Priesthood (as defined in Canon X), combined constitute the Clergy Council, which functions in the interests of the Church in such matters as cannot conveniently be brought before a regular or special meeting of the general membership or Scion Council.  Ministerial and Priory responsibilities are dependant upon individual ministry, and Stewardship Council responsibility encompasses being a spiritual advisory body to the Ecclesiastical Web (EW) & providing a connection between the EW and the CURIA.

Stewardship Council

Priors & Prioresses, who Steward the Land

Youth Ministry

Coordination and oversight of youth and children memberships & programs including H.A.M. and P.O.E.M.

Prison Ministry Liaison

Coordination and oversight of prison membership and prison study program.

Individual Ministries


Year  Date # Ministerial Investitures Ministry
1996 3-Aug 5 Luke MoonOak  Minister of Academia


Year  Date # Ministerial Investitures Ministry
1978 21-Sep 1 Gwydion Pendderwen  Minister of Forestry
1996 24-Mar 4 Marilee “Starwhite” Lewis  Minister of Pagan Spirituality

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