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Notes on CAW Finances

CAW Notes


Annual dues collected from CAW members. The dues are currently $30.00 dollars for Circle Two and $12.00 per each additional circle. Dues were increased in December, 2015 for the first time in ten years.
An application fee of $25.00 is required to apply for a ProtoNest. No additional fees or dues are collected from nests beyond the annual membership dues for the nestlings
An application fee of $25.00 is required to apply for clergy at each level. No additional fees or dues are collected from clergy beyond their annual membership dues
Some members chose to tithe to CAW on a regular basis. (We love them)
All donations received by the Church that are not specifically earmarked for projects such as Annwfn are kept in a the general fund to cover the expenses of the Church
Money from fundraising activities held specifically for the Church and not earmarked for other projects.


Assistance to Annwfn
The main expense of the Church is to cover from the general fund the expense involved in maintaining our sanctuary of Annwfn. Money is allocated to Annwfn when insufficient donations and revenue come in from Annwfn related donations or events to cover the required costs.
Primate Stipend/Staff Compensation
In 2014, the Board of Directors voted to pay our Primate, Oberon Zell, a stipend of $300 each month if the amount of money in the general fund exceeds $900 dollars. This stipend has not been paid every month since being approved, and was last paid in October, 2015.
No other staff or Board member receives any compensation other than a free annual membership granted to those who volunteer significant amounts of time to the Church. We currently have five compensatory members.
Mailing Lists and Promotions
At some point in the past, the security on our mail servers caused the domain to be black-listed as aa source of spam by Yahoo mail and some other sites. In 2014, the Board voted to spend no more than $15 dollars a month to purchase a mailing list service that will allow us to communicate with our members and the general community without the mail getting caught up in spam filters.
CAW allocates funds to rent a hospitality room or booth at some conventions - most notably Pantheacon. The goal is to generate enough interest in memberships and nests to more than cover the costs.
Administrative and Internet Costs
Until June, 2015, CAW was paying Lunar Pages $295.35 annually to host the various CAW websites. All our sites are now hosted at at no charge on servers owned by Vyndyco Corporation as a donation to the Church from our current Administrator. The only website costs currently being paid are the annual domain renewals at $19.95 per domain per year. Moving the domains to a different registrar to reduce cost is being investigated. Other administrative costs are small annual fees to the state and federal government due as part of our required reporting.
Office Expenses
CAW is currently sharing office space Vyndyco Corporation and may, with Board approval, contribute to the overhead of the office space. Overhead costs are rent, utilities, office supplies, etc. but CAW's portion of this is not expected to be a significant expenditure.

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