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CatDeville (Llewellyn)

Katharina Agoria Praetextata at the altar of Minerva, ROMA, SL

CatDeville Llewellyn (Feb. 16, 1961 - )

Role(s): Scion (4th Circle); Member-at-Large, Reorganization Projects Coordinator ,  Lifeways Coordinator,  Lead Librarian, Guilds Coordinator, Mentoring Facilitator, Communications Facilitator, CAWeb CMS (Content Management Team) Coordinator, CAW Information Officer, CAW Moderators' Team Lead, Legal Compliance Coordinator, Canon Law Committee Facilitator, Assistant to the Treasurer, Nest Coordinator - (unnamed) proto-Nest forming (Nashville, TN), Nest Coordinator - cyber-Nest of the Risen Phoenix (Second Life.)

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