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Cassandra Seer

Cassandra Seer

Role(s): Nesting Coordinator, Priestess (Probationary)

Cassandra is proud to have been a priestess with CAW since 1994 and, as the Nest Coordinator for CAW, looks forward to helping rebuild this amazing church. She helped build several Nests in the 1990’s, and many of the many of the individuals involved are still active in their Pagan communities. Beltane 2012 at Annwfn was a joyful and transformative reunion with many dear friends.

She has been a practicing Wiccan for over 46 years and trained in various traditions including Gardnerian, Faerie trads, Alexandrian, NROOGD, and South American, European and Southwestern shamanism. Since the good traditions are inspired by the God/dess, their similarities are greater than their differences.

In addition to her personal worship, work as a see-er, and her Wiccan women’s circle, she is active with a shamanic institute where ‘old’ ways and ‘new’ ways weave and blend with practitioners from various traditions.

Cassandra is a registered nurse and specializes in psychiatry and hospice. She also keeps busy in the theater as an actress, director and playwright and working with the independent film industry in Arizona.

Those who have known Cassandra for some time may wonder why she has taken on this name. One reason is that, in doing readings and shamanic counseling, she would actually prefer that her observations, readings, etc. not be blindly “believed” but serve merely as input in one’s decision making. The legendary Cassandra, a seer, spoke only truth but was never believed. Also, as a Witch and a lesbian, she is definitely ‘out of the closet,’ however, with modern technology, the possibility of being stalked by patients is rather unsavory.

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“Without truth, there can be no forgiveness.  Without forgiveness, there can be no future. ”

~ Nelson Mandela

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