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Carolyn Clark

Carolyn Clark (1940-)

Role(s):  Priestess (retired) 

Born in 1940 in Jefferson City, Missouri, Carolyn spent much of her youth in the Ozarks, where she learned rudimentary Witchcraft from her large extended family. A worshipper of Pagan deities from age six, Carolyn joined the Church of All Worlds, and in 1973 became CAW’s first ordained Priestess. She met Oberon on Earth Day 1970, and Morning Glory in 1974. Carolyn has been married twice, has three children and seven grandchildren. Her granddaughter, Serena, is now following in Carolyn’s Pagan footsteps. A published author, Carolyn is now writing a family Book of Shadows, which will double as a “training manual” for Serena.     

A life member of Mensa, Carolyn has served as president of the local chapter of the International Childbirth Education Association, founding president of the Alliance for Magickal and Earth Religions, Forum editor of the Green Egg, and founder of Acorn Coven. A dedicated priestess of Gaia, she is qualified to work with many different pantheons. During the early 1970’s, Carolyn and Oberon were the public face of CAW, lecturing, and giving interviews to radio, television, newspapers, and magazines. She now lives quietly with her second ex-husband and two cats, happily retired from a career in Nursing.


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