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2013 Beltaine at Annwfn


May 2-5, 2013

In 30 days the wheel of the year turns anew toward the sun, fertility, passion, and expression. For thousands of years we humans have gathered to mingle our energies in service & blessing of our community. We have danced, spun, drummed, laughed, sweated, played, sang, and ceremonialized. Will you remember your ancient roots & sacredly frolic on behalf of the earth?

Grand Festival, you will be treated to 4-days of Workshops, Fire Dancing, Performances, Royal Brunch & Rituals in addition to the Traditional Faire at Annwfn.

DATES: Thurs through Sunday
Beltaine is planned for May 2-6, this year!

We are planning a grand festival at Annwfn that will include
Workshops, Performances, Royal Brunch, & Rituals, Walpurgasnacht, Games, Feasting, May Pole dance, Men & Women's Circles.

We are currently seeking:

- Dedicated Priests, Priestesses, Shamans, & Ritualists who have a desire to share ritual.

- Talented Performers and Artists who hunger to share themselves in Ritual Circles.

- Teachers who are inspired to present a workshop to the community in honor of community growth, sensuality, fertility, and enlightenment.

Is this you? EMAIL:

NOW in 2013, and we are in a new Epoch. It is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, and we want to BE the change. We are the Torch Bearers of the Age of Enlightenment! Let us come together in Celebration of the Fecundity and the Gifts of Gaia, and our Sacred Duty to protect and nurture Her.

EARLY REGISTRATION ~ Before April 15th:
Suggested Donation $65

REGISTRATION ~ April 15th to May 1st:
Suggested Donation $75

Suggested Donation $100

[donations for this event are closed]

Some partial Work-Trades available: Email

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