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Beltaine at Annwfn

Beltaine at the Sacred Sanctuary of Annwfn
in the mountains of Northern California
May 4-6, 2018

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This is a fundraiser to protect and upkeep this sanctuary, please give what you can.

Per Attendee:
Early Registration before May 4 - Suggested Donation: $75
On-Site Registration: $100

Photo credit: Faun - Walpurgisnacht

Please bring with you empty containers (medicine bottles, small jars, etc) to collect the healing ashes from the Walpurgisnacht Bonfire and concepts in your life that you are ready to release(money scarcity, social injustice, fears, and prejudice).

Bring Lots of Fresh Flowers!
Ask your local Florist to save their flowers to Donation
Bring rocks for Morning Glory’s Cairn

Beltaine quickly approaches, and with it promises of deep magick and joyous revelry. We invite you to join us at Annwfn for our Beltane celebration and experience the power of the land and the passion of fire. This year we’re hosting a Walpurgisnacht ritual focused on Fecundity. Bring with you that which you are ready to let go in order to manifest more. Clear out the unhealthy by releasing what isn’t working and trust the abundance of new growth and inspirations.

Come join us in Sensual May Games (couples manifesting the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine), Stone-Soup Friday Night, Saturday evening Beast for the Feast, Workshops, Community Service, Frolicking in the Forest, Walpurgisnacht Fire Ritual, Singing at Sunrise, Drum Circle, Sunday Morning Brunch, Crowning of the New May King & Queen and the Maypole Ritual.

Come through the Beltane Fire purified and transformed and given the gift of illumination to envision what we want to create for ourselves, our sacred land and our blessed Mother Earth on our journey towards the fullness of Summer’s Light.

Things you can expect at Beltane: Loving our Sanctuary, healing and renewing the Earth. Frolicking, sauntering, and carousing. Dressing up, flirting, making friends, hanging out. Cooking big delicious meals and doing the dishes together. Singing and drumming around the fire. Playing in the woods, celebrating the season, doing our Tribal Magick. Turning the Wheel!

What can you do to help? This is a community created event and all participants will be asked to volunteer two hours of their time to help make this a wonderful and successful gathering. Please plan to sign up for your hours of community service with one of the work trade coordinators (listed below) or on the Volunteer Sign-up Sheet during on-site registration.

In addition, we would like to identify a few folks ahead of time that would be willing to take extra responsibility and help facilitate this weekend. Assistance is needed with a variety of tasks that need to happen before, during and after Beltaine including:

  • Registration
  • Food/Kitchen
  • Transportation/Shuttling (4x4 vehicle needed)
  • Safety/Security/Fire Tending
  • Facilitate Silent Auction
  • Early Set-up
  • After Clean-up
  • Drummers /Musicians

Festival Food:

We will making Stone Soup for Friday evening dinner. Please bring a contribution to add to the soup, a side dish, or drinks to share. Saturday breakfast and lunch are left up to individuals. Saturday night’s feast will be a community potluck with the Main Beast offering provided by Annwfn. Please plan to bring a sumptuous dish to share with the tribe enough for 8-12 people. Sunday Breakfast: Bring something to complement Annwfn’s offering of steel-cut oats, scrambled eggs, and fruit juices such as oatmeal additives (various nuts, sunflower seeds, raisins, fruit (dried or fresh etc..), bagels, cream cheese, fruit, granola, sausage, bacon, etc….

Other things you need to know:

We encourage you to arrive as early as you can Friday or early Saturday in order to set up your campsite and settle onto the land in preparation for the weekend’s events.

Shuttling up Old Fluffy and to the Upper Meadow will be provided but will be suspended during the May Games and rituals. Bring what you need to have a safe and satisfying weekend. Remember to pack wisely, we are located an hour away from town. Be sure to bring everything you need for your personal needs.

Carpooling is encouraged as parking space is limited.

No Pets: We ask you to please leave your pets at home as Annwfn does not have facilities for them.

Please pre-register. It is essential for effective planning.

A Registration Response Letter with detailed information regarding Schedule, Camping, Shuttles, What to Bring, Food, Water, etc…. will be provided when you pre-register. If you or someone you know plans to register on site, it is important that you get this info so you can plan and pack accordingly. The Upper Meadow, where all events will take place, is very rustic. Watch for this info to be posted on one of the lists or call/email us to have a letter sent to you.

Silent Auction: The Silent Auction helps to raise additional money for the various projects critical to Annwfn’s well being—projects including the water system, the road, and routine maintenance costs.

In order to create a successful Silent Auction, we need your help with the following:

  • Offering to facilitate the auction during the Beltane weekend.
  • Donating items to auction. Look around your home for those items you don't really need or use which someone else might love: magical tools, art, CDs, great books, special candles, musical instruments, etc.
  • You may offer services for auction—counseling, bodywork, tattoos, house cleaning, house painting, etc.

  • Bring your Silent Auction items to Beltaine and give them the registration faeries, when you arrive.
  • Bidding on items you like at Beltane (bring $$ or checks for this)
  • *** I know that we have gotten a late start in the planning of Beltaine but I am optimistic that we can come together and create a wonderful festival. Please help us by Pre-Registering and letting us know how you can be of assistance. We need all of us to make this happen. And did I forget to say, Please Pre-register using the button above.

    GATE CODE: You may need the code for the Main Ranch gate. It will be in your pre-registration packet, or may be obtained from Ariel at or Art at 707-972-7974.

    Beltaine marks the beginning of summer and was when animals were driven out to the summer pastures. Rituals are performed to protect the animals, crops and people, and to encourage growth. Special bonfires are kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes are deemed to have protective powers. Many of these customs are part of May Day or Midsummer festivals

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