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Beltaine 2019

Church of All Worlds Presents
a Beltaine Festival at the
Sacred Sanctuary of Annwfn
(Mendocino County ~ Northern California)
May 3-5, 2019


This is a fundraiser to protect and upkeep this sanctuary, please give what you can.

Per Attendee:
Early Registration before May 1st - Suggested Donation: $50 - $75 per day
On-Site Registration: $100

Schedule of Events

Thursday - Camping Donation of $10 requested for early arrival

Early Arrivals are welcome to assist set-up in the Upper Meadow and to explore trails and commune with the faeries. Today will be quiet, but friendly.


10 AM Shuttle Service Begins, Continued Arrivals, Setting up of Camp and Help Create the Space for our Magickal Community

6 PM Opening Circle, Water Sharing & the Lighting of the Fire

7 PM Communal Potluck Dinner - Bring foods together for a potluck. Remember to conserve some for remaining days!

8PM Stories and Tales Around the Fire


10 AM Communal Potluck Brunch - Bring a prepared offering for the table.

Noon Magickal Workshop - TBA

1pm Orientation for First-Time Beltaine Attendants or Players of the May Games, led by former Royals An introduction to the Games. A discussion of the responsibilities and rewards of May Royalty.

3pm May Games - An annual contest we use to appoint each year’s May King and Queen. The Games are erotic and sensual!!!

6 PM Potluck Feast - Annwfn will provide the Beast. Bring a prepared offering for the table and libations to share!

8 PM Walpurgisnacht Ritual

10 PM Rowdy and Raucous Bardic - Bring a song, musical instruments and prepare to entertain and be entertained!



10 AM Communal Brunch and Flower Crowns- Bring a prepared offering for the table.

11 AM Sacred Circles and Mysteries - Honoring our Sacred Selves

- Attend the circle you personally orient towards

1 PM MayPole Ritual and Blessing of the New May Royalty

4 PM Clean Up and Farewells - We thank each other, ourselves, and the fae for their blessings. We say goodbye to the land, and offer adorations towards the Queen and King of May.

What Can I Expect at Beltaine:

Frolicking, sauntering, and carousing in the majestic woods and meadows. Dressing up, flirting, making friends, and hanging out around the Beltaine Fire. Being in community by cooking big delicious meals and doing the dishes together. Singing, drumming, and performing during the Rowdy Bardic. Dancing the MayPole, celebrating the sacred, doing Tribal Magick, and turning the Wheel!

What Can I do to Help?

Community Service

This is a community created event and all participants will be asked to volunteer two hours of their time to help make this a wonderful and successful gathering. Please plan to sign up for your two hours of community service at on-site registration.

In addition, we would like to identify a few folks ahead of time that would be willing to take extra responsibility and help facilitate this weekend. Assistance is needed with a variety of tasks that need to happen before, during and after Beltaine including:

Food/Kitchen Support
Transportation/Shuttling (4x4 vehicle needed)
Safety/Security/Fire Tending
Facilitate Silent Auction
Early Arrival Set-up
After Clean-up
Drummers /Musicians - BRING YOUR INSTRUMENTS

Festival Outdoor Kitchen and Food:

We will have a Friday Potluck evening dinner. Bring a prepared dish to share for both Saturday and Sunday brunch. Saturday night’s feast will be a community potluck with the Main Beast offering provided by Annwfn. Please plan to bring a sumptuous dish to share with the tribe enough for 8-12 people. All camping stoves will need to be kept in the Communal Outdoor Kitchen for Fire Safety Reasons.

Annwfn Silent Auction:

The Silent Auction helps to raise additional money for the various projects critical to the Sanctuary of Annwfn’s well being—projects including the water system, the road, and routine maintenance costs.


Items to donate to the auction. Look around your home for those items you don't really need or use which someone else might love: magical tools, art, CDs, great books, special candles, musical instruments, etc.
Donate your services for the auction—counseling, bodywork, tattoos, house cleaning, house painting, etc.
CASH or CHECKS for Purchasing the FABULOUS Silent Auction Items

Arrival Times and Shuttle Service

We encourage you to arrive on Thursday or early Friday in order to set up your campsite and settle onto the land in preparation for the weekend’s events.

GATE CODE: You WILL NEED the code for the Main Ranch gate. It will be in your pre-registration packet, or may be obtained from Art at

4x4 vehicles only are allowed up “Old Fluffy” all other vehicles should park in the Lower Lot.

Shuttle Service up “Old Fluffy” and to the Upper Meadow will be provided but will be suspended during the May Games and Rituals. The Shuttle walkie talkie is located in the Red Phone Booth in the Lower Parking Lot for you to call the Shuttle.

Carpooling is encouraged as parking space is limited.

What Should I Bring With Me?

Flowers, Vine, Floral Tape
Item to Donate for the Silent Auction
Personal Drinking Water
Potluck Item for Each Meal
Libations to Share
ALL Personal Camping Supplies
ALL Personal Bedding
Hat/Sunblock/Water bottle

Bring what you need to have a safe and satisfying weekend. Remember to pack wisely, we are located an hour away from town. Be sure to bring everything you need for your personal needs.

No Pets Please

We ask you to please leave your pets at home as Annwfn does not have facilities for them.

GATE CODE: You may need the code for the Main Ranch gate. It will be in your pre-registration packet, or may be obtained by emailing or calling 831-204-0523.

Beltaine marks the beginning of summer and was when animals were driven out to the summer pastures. Rituals are performed to protect the animals, crops and people, and to encourage growth. Special bonfires are kindled, and their flames, smoke and ashes are deemed to have protective powers. Many of these customs are part of May Day or Midsummer festivals

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