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Notes on Annwfn Finances

Annwfn Notes


All donations received by CAW that are earmarked specifically for Annwfn. This does not include money donated to The Friends of Annwfn as they are a separate organization and do not report to CAW.
All net revenue from Events that are held at Annwfn, or fundraisers held elsewhere but earmarked for Annwfn. Historical reports (prior to Sawhain, 2015) will not include money that was collected at the events and not reported to CAW or given to CAW staff to be deposited.
Music Royalties
Any royalties or licensing fees for the use of music or lyrics written or performed by Gwydion Pendderwen.
From CAW
This money is given from the Church general fund when there is not enough revenue from Annwfn related donations and events to cover the operational costs or bills.


Mendocino County Taxes
Annual property taxes on the 55 acre parcel of land at Greenfield Rance referred to as Annwfn or Parcel 7. These are currently 638 dollars per year paid in two installments - one in December and one the following April. CAW/Annwfn is current on these taxes.
Property/Liability Insurance
This is a required insurance policy that covers Annwfn and events that take place on the property. It is with Team Insurance and renews in August of each year. We pay a down payment of approximately 385 dollars in August and a monthly payment of 65.92 for the other 11 months of the year. CAW/Annwfn is current on the policy payments.
Road Assessments
This is the Greenfield Ranch assessment for the use of the road into the ranch. It is 310.60 dollars per quarter at this point.
Road Assessments - Bridge Repairs
In June, 2016 an extra assessment of 550.00 was due for repairs and improvements to the bridge on the Ranch road. This has been paid.
Water Rights
Each December, Annwfn is required to pay the State of California for water rights on the land. This bill is 150.00 and was paid on time in December, 2015, 2016, and 2017.
Repairs to Property and Roads
Money is needed for repairs to the buildings, out-building and roads. The amount needed is difficult to predict but will be reported as soon as we become of aware of the need.

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